Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Telescope Levelers

If you are into astronomy and more specifically astro-photography, you will eventually run into many 'learning opportunities' that need to be overcome in order to capture that great shot of .

One of these 'opportunities' is leveling the telescope, this of course is no easy matter.
Let me give you an example: I have about 100 lbs sitting on my tripod legs, this makes upwards and downwards adjustments on the individual legs very difficult and obtaining a perfectly level telescope nearly impossible for one person to acquire.

In comes Telescope Performance Industries to answer all of my leveling needs! I spoke with Dave Y at about their levelers and how they could make my telescope leveling duties much easier and more accurate. Dave told me about his manufacturing process, materials used and sent me the documentation as well as some photos so I could see his work in action.
I immediately liked what I saw, in fact I thought to myself if they were half as well constructed as they appeared in the photo, these would be very solid levelers and make it 'super-simple' to dial in my telescope.

Dave shipped me a set to mount on my telescope, along with stellar documentation and packing that would have made a mummy jealous. When I opened the box and packing materials (probably spent the majority of the time unwrapping the bubble wrap!), I saw a sight to behold! The levelers were even better quality than they appeared in the photos / documentation, worth every penny just on look and feel alone.

Next blog, mounting the levelers on my tripod and putting them to use...

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