Saturday, June 25, 2011

Homebrew: Dew shield (day 1)

I decided to build a new dew shield for my telescope.
Why you ask? Because I thought it would be an interesting project and I didn't have one for my CGEM.
I plotted out what I would need to buy to complete the project, here was my shopping list:
- 24 inch wide aluminum flashing, this is a very light and flexible material (not sure if it will be rigid enough, but a good first try :-))
- flat black spray paint, for both the inside and outside of the dew shield
- pop rivet set (black pom / hand rivet tool)

At a minimum this should give me a very light, dew shield that will protrude about 24 inches from the primary objective lens. Offering a good amount of both dew and ambient light blockage.

I am a little worried about the rigidity of the aluminum, but getting it cut and formed will tell me a little bit more about the material and it's weaknesses.

Happy Photon Hunting!

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